Charcuterie Serving Boards

Charcuterie Serving Boards

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MONDAY, August 15th - 6-8P

Students will be creating a multifunctional, modular tray set comprising of two small ramekins and matching ceramic utensils. This set can range from the kitchen as a snack tray or be used as a jewelry holding side table dish. The year-round possibilities are endless for this special handmade platter set, but we’ll be making one just in time for an intimate holiday season gathering. 

Students will use a soft slab method to build:


  • a shallow-walled slab tray with cutout handles
  • two small ramekins
  • small ceramic spoon and/or knife


Instructed by Kaden Fitzgerald 

*This workshop is open to ages 8+ *

*No experience necessary. items will be ready for pick up two week after the workshop* 

We look forward to having you in! If you have any questions visit our FAQ here.

Note: We are taking extra precautions to make sure that everyone is safe and healthy in our space.  Tools and equipment are being sanitized between each use. Masks are encouraged but not required. 

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