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about Fifth Street Studio


Fifth Street Studio is a collective of artists located in Bentonville, Arkansas. We believe that our past shapes our future, and pottery is a rich record of past cultures. At Fifth Street Studio we seek to explore out art and to pass on our craft through instruction and provide high-quality ceramics to our community. 



We saw a vast need in the market for affordable stoneware goods that are built to last for life. We like to think about how our work will serve people for generations, and design accordingly. Materials are chosen and designs are made with the intent of being timeless in form and hold up to being well loved every single day. 



We offer classes for all ranges of ability, from true beginner all the way up to advanced ceramics. Our vision is to bring accessible space to beginners and make a space for them to grow, learn and make messes. We also seek to provide resources for production and gallery artists.



Rainy Hopwood

Hi there! All the ceramics you purchase from Fifth Street are handmade by me. I am so excited to be here and sharing my art though making ceramics and through teaching classes. I am an Arkansas native, with a background in education. I was an instructor for 2 years at Brightwater: A Center for the Study of Food, and have been the education director at Airship Coffee since 2018. My love really is sharing any knowledge I have and continuing to grow in my studies as well! I never want to stop learning, and I want my students to feel the same. My deep dive into ceramics was born out of the need to keep growing.