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Food, Conversation, and Slowing Down. Inspirational Ramen Recipes from FifthStreet

Food, Conversation, and Slowing Down. Inspirational Ramen Recipes from FifthStreet


For us creatives, it can be hard to slow down. In light of everything that’s happened this year, where slow has been a mantra, there’s quite a few of us who feel like we are going crazy. For some of us, this slowness can cause our brains to actually zoom into overdrive instead of embracing the calm. 

With the current COVID situation a lot of us have finally had the chance—or been forced—to slow down. We’ve taken a deep breath, reevaluated, and assessed where our lives have taken us up until this point. I know I have. Mid-life crisis—apart from mine—are probably happening all over the States right now. Some times, slowing down feels harder than being constantly busy! But it’s time to change our attitudes. It’s time to take an entire afternoon to sit quietly. It’s time to do something about all this in a small and practical way. With a meal—and with our friends. Slowly. 

This month’s topic is going to be focused on one thing—food. Food brings us all together in a way that not much else does. When you think about some of the most important moments of your life, there was probably food involved in some way. Whether it was a wedding celebration, a birthday party, or just an important conversation with your spouse or best friend, food was most likely sitting on the table between you. Most of us are usually so busy that the physical act of sitting around a table with loved ones, sadly, tends to get pushed to the back burner. 


One of the best and most fruitful ways to process our own thoughts is out loud. Thinking out loud is scientifically proven to help construct new neural pathways in our brains, creating brand new thoughts and also solidifying our opinions about things. And what better way to do this than around a meal? Meals create very fertile ground for deep conversation. 

In this entry, we will be sharing one of our favorite ramen recipes for you to make and share! With your family or with a friend, via Skype or out on your front porch. This recipe is easy to make and has its perfect home in the Ramen Bowl from Fifthstreet. Our bowls hold about 30 ounces of liquid. They feature an extreme curve in the walls of the bowl and can be cupped perfectly in two hands—perfect for sipping delicious ramen broth! Come in two colors, White Peach and Apricot. This bowl will nestle into your cupboards and call your name whenever ramen, cereal, soup or ice cream need to be consumed.


Hopefully, the acts of cooking, sitting down, and having much-needed conversation will help us to relax—even if it’s just a little, just for one evening. These little moments are so important. They are what BUILD a life. And having conversations with friends and family (where we’re actually being open and honest) can be like a balm to the soul. Trust me. I’ve experienced it. And I’m no extrovert! 

We hope that this recipe will inspire you and help you to express some creativity while at the same time bringing you and your loved ones together. And don’t berate yourself for relaxing a little! Learn to stop, breathe a little, and enjoy the little things in life. Talk to a loved one—TELL them you love them. And share a virtual hug and maybe a ramen bowl and recipe, courtesy of Fifth Street. Remember, it’s these little moments that build a fulfilled life. In a way, they’re more important than anything else that you do. 


You can access the recipe to download or print here!


Love from, Elyssa 

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