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Drop Off Firing

Don't have a kiln at home? We have you covered!

Drop off items during our open hours and we will fire them for you.



We fire to cone 04 and cone 6

We offer clay and glaze in store that works in our firing schedules. 

Typically we can move though work in under a week, but request up to two weeks from drop off date to get you work back. We fire in electric Skutt 1227 kilns, and cannot fire work that does not fit in the kilns. We reserve the right to refuse firing service for any reason. 

Please call for up to date firing schedules. 


Before we are able to fire your pieces, please read through the following kiln rental agreement carefully. By purchasing, you agree to the following. 

The “Sh!t Happens” Statement of Liability: 

We will treat your pieces with the care we use when handling our own pottery; however, there is always a chance a piece will break, crack, or explode during the firing process. Fifth Street Studio assumes no responsibility for any of the above-mentioned firing or building issues that may occur, and you are still responsible for payment in full for firing services. 

Fifth Street Studio has the right to refuse any work based on construction or glaze concerns. 

Fifth Street Studio User Agreement + Responsibilities (please read thoroughly)

When firing in the Fifth Street Studio kiln, you agree to the following: 

All clay and glazes must be created using mid-fire temp products. By submitting work to firing you certify that it is the appropriate material and can safely be fired to the temperature firing you are submitting it for.

You are responsible for wiping the bottom and foot area of all glazes. 

All pieces must be 100% dry and fire ready when dropped off at the studio. 

Your items walls must be less than ½  inch in thickness unless approved by our staff.

All items to be fired must have a legible name, usually on the bottom, that will be visible after glaze firing.

Pieces must not have been fired previously at other facilities (we will not be able to glaze fire or third fire items that were previously fired using another facility’s kiln)

Glaze cannot be too thick or flaking off 

In the unfortunate event that your pottery piece damages our kiln shelves (resulting from glaze drips or runs or piece explosions) we ask that you replace our equipment:  

Cost, if a piece melts to a shelf and requires maintenance: $20

Cost for replacement of an extensively damaged half shelf: $93