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Folks Of Fifth Street: Meet Alex

Folks Of Fifth Street: Meet Alex
Meet Alex DerGazarian! Alex is a fiber, ceramic, and multimedia artist and our very first Artist in Residence here at Fifth Street.

This new residency program expands upon our mission to explore our art and pass it on. We're excited to create opportunity in our community. Stay tuned for more on what this residency will bring and for future residency opportunities.

We want to first introduce Alex and her amazing work.

Alex was introduced to pottery as a child by her aunt. In the years since, she’s navigated her creative career through multiple mediums, including making large scale collages.

What brings her back to pottery? “The imperfections and the process of letting the clay take you where it goes. You can try to push it as far as you want, but ultimately the clay will have a say in it, too—it's like a cooperative relationship. And even after all that, it still might break in the kiln. It's always kind of an exercise in balancing your artist's hyperfixation with pretending you don't care if it's a disaster.”

Swipe through the photos to see some of her “Trash Quilts” as well as her “Bound Figures.”

We’re so excited to have Alex as a part of our creative community here at Fifth Street Studio. Come meet Alex and take her workshop this Saturday where she will be teaching students how to make geometric trays.

“I love watching people learn that access to art doesn't have to be intimidating,” says Alex. Sign up for her workshop at the link in our stories or under the Learn tab on our website!
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