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Folks Of Fifth Street: Meet Ella

Folks Of Fifth Street: Meet Ella

Meet Ella! Ella is one of our new instructors here at Fifth Street and we're so excited to have her on our team. Get to know Ella better and say hi when you see her in the studio!

How long have you been doing pottery? Can you tell us a bit about your pottery journey?

I have been doing pottery for ten years. My first experience with pottery was through a wheel throwing class at the Arts Center in Little Rock. I kept learning through classes for the next three years. After three years of being an avid student, I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in ceramics. I spent the next two years doing apprenticeships and learning production pottery. I started my ceramic business in 2019 and have been selling ceramics since then.
What drew you to pottery initially? What did you struggle with at first? What’s your favorite thing about it now?
I was looking for a new art medium to explore. At the time, I was incredibly focused on oil painting. I wanted to take up ceramics as another art practice. In the beginning, I struggled with centering! It took a LOT of focus and hours of practice for me to consistently center. My favorite part of ceramics now is fine tuning the cohesiveness of a set. I love getting each piece in a set to be as closely related to each other as possible.
What are you most excited about when it comes to teaching pottery?
I am excited to see people challenge themselves and achieve their personal goals! I am looking forward to experiencing the learning styles, behaviors, and attitudes of each individual. Learning is so much fun!
What do you hope to see/experience/feel in the studio in 2024?
I hope to experience belonging and feel apart of the community in the studio in 2024. I recently moved back to NWA from Nova Scotia! I really hope this year I see myself blossoming as an artist in this wonderful community!
What else should people know about you or ask you about if they see you in the studio?
I enjoy video games and comic books! I am currently playing through “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” and plan to play “Baldur’s Gate 3” next!
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