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Folks Of Fifth Street: Meet Rainy

Folks Of Fifth Street: Meet Rainy
Rainy is our fearless leader and the owner of Fifth Street Studio! In addition to being an incredible ceramic artist, she’s the go-to expert on SO MANY artistic mediums. Want to know how to screen print? She’s got the know how. Make a quilt into a jacket? She’s done it! Hand dying using native flowers and plants? She can show you how. Not only will she share her expansive expertise, but she will encourage you to explore and try anything yourself!

We’re so thankful for this space that Rainy has built and the millions of ways she has supported and encouraged the growth of our creative community here in the studio.

What is Rainy thankful for? “I am most thankful for the way that working in a community studio leads to so much innovation and sharing of ideas. Working alongside other potters is so inspiring and helps keep the creative juices flowing. I am also continually floored by the generosity of others in the studio as a community, ready to step up and lend a hand. It's such a supportive community inside and outside of the studio itself!”

What has Rainy taught you? How has clay and our studio helped you in your creative path? We’re thankful for all of you and how you’ve helped shape our studio and creative community!
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