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Folks Of Fifth Street: Meet Xanat

Folks Of Fifth Street: Meet Xanat
Meet Xanat! Xanat is a studio tech and teaches many of our workshops and kids classes. 

She’s a vibrant source of creativity and inspiration around the studio. Xanat literally never runs out of creative ideas and always makes the most fun and colorful pieces, full of personality and style. Xanat is also a source of fun, interesting facts and has an authentic passion for learning new skills and can be a source of encouragement for everyone in our studio!

We’re so thankful for the way Xanat lights up our studio and makes every person feel seen and supported.

What is Xanat thankful for?

“What I’m most thankful for in the studio is the community and the friendships that have blossomed. I love seeing people connect over clay and have a third space where they can step away from their routine.

I’m so thankful I have found a safe space where I can speak my mind and express my art freely. I am humbled by clay everyday but the people at the studio will always have something positive and encouraging to say.

I feel so loved and thankful when members help us set up for my workshops or help load the kilns. They go out of their way to help and it’s beautiful. The energy in the studio is always positive and I’m so thankful for that.”
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