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Folks Of Fifth Street: Meet MaryClaire

Folks Of Fifth Street: Meet MaryClaire
To know MC is a true treat. She’s a beloved studio tech and an instructor for many of our classes and workshops (um, have you signed up for her Folk Ornaments Workshop or her 3 week Surface Design Class? If not, get on it).

You may not know that she’s also the true tetris queen when it comes to loading the kilns (honestly, we may be nominating her for some kind of world record), the fastest whit this side of the Mississippi, and the instigator of many a studio dance party. Point is, she’s an icon and a legend and an essential member of the Fifth Street team.

You know an MC piece by her distinctive surface illustrations and limitless imagination. Just look at her incredible dragon sculpture!

We’re so thankful for all MC does for our studio, students, and members. 💛

What is MaryClaire most thankful for? “I’m most thankful for the people Fifth Street Studio has brought into my life! I love getting to know our students and members, a community setting brings so much joy and inspiration to my work.”
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